Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters


To make a safe and secure world by enhancing the general public's understanding of cybersecurity.


We produce in-depth but readable news on cybersecurity for a global audience. With expertise on the deep, dark web, fueled by S2W researchers, we conduct specialized reporting on security.


Accuracy (original data + investigative reporting) + Agility (bravery). We focus on quality, not quantity. We go right to the core.


Quality + Data + Visualization

From the Editor

May 18, 2022 6:00PM KST

Hello! I’m Dain Oh, The Readable’s founding editor-in-chief. When S2W first gave me the opportunity to establish a cybersecurity newspaper for a global audience, I was not completely sure what they wanted from me or what I needed to do to make the news site successful.

A number of things are still in progress, but here I am at S2W with my own team. It took me about 10 months to launch this news site, The Readable, since first being offered the job. During that time, I had opportunities to meet media gurus, conduct research regarding various journalism theses, and read several books related to this field.

Our name, The Readable, came to my mind last March. As a journalist who published in-depth reports on the cybersecurity industry for more than five years, I always felt the need to make cybersecurity news more readable. The importance of cybersecurity kept growing around the world, and I wanted to write cybersecurity stories that the general public can understand, including my parents.

There are very few media outlets that are similar to ours. The Readable is fully funded by S2W, while having independent editorship. No one at S2W, except the journalists who write for it, are able to dictate what The Readable should investigate or write about. S2W funds The Readable focused on a single mission, which is to help create a safer and more secure world. S2W and The Readable know that a safe and secure world will not be possible without enhancing the general public’s understanding of cybersecurity.

The Readable covers a wide range of issues from South Korean cybersecurity news to the deep, dark web where cybercriminals communicate. We will also closely look into the e-commerce industry, where fraud is expanding exponentially through digital exploitation.

We know the importance of context and original reporting. Every article we produce goes through our fact-checking and evaluation processes. In addition, we invest a great amount of time and energy on data and visualization because we know that the time you spend reading our stories is valuable. To accomplish this, we will receive data from S2W from time to time. However, this is not done to advertise for S2W but to deliver data-based, accurate stories. Whenever we advertise anything or try to make a profit from the news site, you will know because we will state it clearly.

The Readable pursues quality journalism, and we will work hard to share this experience with you. We are dedicated, professional journalists, combined with top-class analysts and programmers in the field of cybersecurity. If you have any questions about us, we would love to talk with you and answer them. Feel free to contact us through any channels that you find here. Thank you for your interest.

Dain Oh
Founding Editor-in-Chief

Team Readable_

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