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Cybersecurity News that Matters

Hongeun Im

Hongeun Im is a reporting intern for The Readable. Motivated by her aspirations in cybersecurity and aided by the language skills she honed while living in the United Kingdom, Im aims to write about security issues affecting the Korean Peninsula and lead more people to become interested in cybersecurity. She attends Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Her interest in computer science led her to participate in the World Friends Korea volunteer program, where she taught Python at the Digital Government Center in Laos and at Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan.

Hongeun Im

The “2024 Supply Chain Security Workshop” was held on July 11, where experts discussed the new “Software Supply Chain Security Guidelines 1.0,” announced on May 13. The experts emphasized the importance of the guidelines and agreed that industry-specific legislation should be implemented. The “Software Supply Chain Security Guidelines 1.0” is a set of standards developed […]

In recent years, leading tech companies have shown increasing interest in confidential computing, integrating it into their services. Multiple conferences focused on this technology were held in the first half of this year, including the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and the Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3) hosted by Edgeless Systems last March. Additionally, the Confidential […]

A collaborative task force named “Operation Cronos,” involving the National Crime Agency (NCA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Europol, and other international partners, successfully infiltrated and disrupted LockBit, one of the world’s most prevalent ransomware variants. In a press release issued by the National Crime Agency (NCA) on Tuesday, it was announced that the […]

South Korea’s Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) announced on Monday its plans to compile statistics on the cybersecurity workforce. This initiative, requested by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), will be included in the “National Statistics Development Project.” The MSIT’s request for “cybersecurity workforce status statistics” is tied to the creation of the Information Security Industrial […]

On Wednesday, Microsoft and OpenAI, companies partnered in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, disclosed that Kimsuky, a hacking group based in North Korea, has utilized OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) to aid in their hacking activities. The group leveraged OpenAI’s technologies to generate content for spear phishing campaigns, which aim to target specific […]

The prosecutors’ office in South Korea has filed an appeal against a district court’s ruling to refer an 18-year-old hacker to juvenile court. The individual in question hacked and released at least 5,000 eBooks last May. The Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office disagreed with the court’s February 2 decision, arguing that a case involving an […]

At the seventh National Strategy Forum, hosted by the Korean Association of Cybersecurity Studies (KACS) on Tuesday, Yoo Ji-yeon, a professor at Sangmyung University’s Intelligent Engineering Informatics for Human Department, emphasized that addressing bias in artificial intelligence (AI) models is as crucial as dealing with privacy leaks and technology protection in current AI security measures. […]

The Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) of South Korea, in a briefing held on Wednesday, announced detailed policy plans specifying that users’ behavioral information—data related to internet activity—must be processed in a manner that does not reveal the identity of individual users. The PIPC emphasized that advertisers should observe a strict distinction between behavioral information […]

The Readable reviewed more than 30 reports of cybersecurity predictions, published by vendors and public institutions, and pared them down to five topics: Artificial intelligence, election security, the Paris Olympics, persistent threats, and cyber insurance. Our reporters summarized each topic in approximately 300 words, based on the analysis provided by the original reports. The sources […]

As cyberattacks grow sophisticated beyond the point where cyberdefense companies working independently will be less and less able to defend against them, the need for collaboration within the field is more important than ever. “Security companies might be competitors in the same industry, but for security to advance overall worldwide, they need to pool their […]

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