Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

Sojun Ryu

Sojun Ryu

The Readable’s subscribers can access a monthly ransomware report by S2W. The report includes specific numbers about ransomware groups and their victims in addition to the numbers of newly opened data leak sites by ransomware groups. By looking at the numbers, our readers will be able to get an idea of the overall threat landscape […]

“Weekend Briefing” is a weekly newsletter that is sent to The Readable’s subscribers every Friday. Cybersecurity journalists for The Readable carefully select important news stories from the previous week and deliver them in a compact form. Topics encompass cybercrime, geopolitics, and privacy. There are no costs involved with a subscription, and some content, such as […]

A hacker group calling themselves SiegedSec have come forward to claim that they gained access to an information technology firm in South Korea. Through their Telegram channel, the group uploaded a video on Thursday to prove their claim, which demonstrated their ability to access an administrator account of the firm WhaTap and manipulate the service. […]

Hello, this is Kuksung Nam, Dain Oh, and Sojun Ryu in South Korea. We have picked five news stories for you. Have a great weekend! 1. Researchers Find Newest Version of LockBit Ransomware in Korea Researchers at a cybersecurity firm based in South Korea said in a report on Tuesday that they had identified the […]

Magnus and NoCry ransomware gangs are working together through Telegram to develop ransomware. The two gangs recently emerged in the ransomware development industry, and they are targeting not only enterprises, but also individuals. ◇ Magnus Ransomware On June 15, Magnus ransomware group uploaded a sales promotion, claiming that its ransomware can bypass antivirus software such […]

We have recently published several in-depth news articles on threat intelligence and the 2022 RSA conference. Below is the news recap, but before we begin, there is one piece of news that you might be interested in. 1. [News] South Korea’s Spy Agency Speaks Out Against Former Director’s Claim of Keeping Public Figures’ Information South […]

The operator of Raccoon Stealer, who was out of action since the Russia-Ukraine War began, has recently been confirmed to have returned with an upgraded V2 version. The current V2 version is disguised as a cracked software installation file that was often used in the past V1 distribution. Source: S2W On March 25, 2022, the […]

A user impersonating the operator of RaidForums, which was shut down in February of this year, has recently appeared with a scam campaign. About RaidForums RaidForums started in 2015 and ended in February of this year after seven years of operation. This forum was one of the largest forums where cybercriminals traded illegal data. Unlike […]

Cyber security company S2W recently published a report that explains the history of BlackGuard, a new info-stealer malware. This report is an extension of the report posted in April. The BlackGuard operator, who is active on the dark web under the nicknames “BlackGUARD07” and “blackteam007,” made the first promotion post in March 2021, but it […]

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