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Cybersecurity News that Matters

South Korea issues first privacy friendly certificate on digital device

by Kuksung Nam

Apr. 23, 2024
9:45 PM GMT+9

The South Korean government has granted approval to a home security camera as the country’s first privacy-friendly digital device, heralding the introduction of a new privacy-centered certification into the country’s market.

On April 21, the Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) announced that they had issued the first Privacy by Design (PbD) certification for a home security camera product called “CAPS Inner Guard.” Additionally, a personal image de-identification system will receive certification once the manufacturers complete minor adjustments based on feedback. The issuance of this additional certification is anticipated in August.

The PIPC and KISA have been assessing four candidates since last year as their inaugural attempt at implementing the new certification. This effort aims to assist consumers in identifying products built with data protection at their core. According to an online survey conducted by two South Korean consumer associations in 2022, over 88% of participants expressed concern about data breaches stemming from internet-connected devices, including identification devices, surveillance cameras, and smart home applications.

The PIPC emphasized that the new certificate places a strong emphasis on data protection compared to existing certifications, such as the Internet of Things-Security Assessment Program (IoT-SAP). Privacy by Design (PbD) evaluates the entire product lifecycle, ensuring compliance with data protection from the initial manufacturing process to termination. In contrast, IoT-SAP examines various aspects, including data protection and information security. However, due to overlapping requirements, the privacy agency noted that they would exempt certain tests for those who have already obtained IoT-SAP certification above the basic level. The IoT-SAP is categorized into three levels: lite, basic, and standard.

South Korean authorities are expanding the scope of the new certification this year, accepting applications from smart consumer applications such as robot vacuums and artificial intelligence speakers from April to May. Additionally, they are currently developing labels to be affixed to PbD-certified products, making it easier for consumers to identify them. “The home security camera is expected to be released to the public with the new certification this July,” stated an official from the PIPC. “As the label design is not yet finalized, the PbD notification will likely appear on the product cover along with a description.”


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