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Cybersecurity News that Matters

Arthur Gregory Willers

Arthur Gregory Willers is a copyeditor at The Readable, where he works to make complex cybersecurity news accessible and engaging for readers. With over 20 years in education and publishing, his expertise lies in enhancing document quality and readability. Before joining The Readable, Arthur contributed to various publishers of educational materials, including item writing for standardized testing. He serves as an adjunct professor at Sogang University, enriching educational standards through curriculum design and in teaching various English rhetoric and communication courses. Holding master’s degrees in applied linguistics and English literature, Arthur’s expertise bridges the gap between intricate cybersecurity topics and the magazine’s diverse audience. His commitment to clear, impactful writing makes every article a tool for achieving greater understanding in the digital age.

Arthur Gregory Willers

On June 18, Jerome Hamel, head of Cybersecurity Technical Governance at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (CPS), addressed the vulnerabilities of internet of things (IoT) consumer products at the ‘IoT Cybersecurity Seminar‘ hosted by ICTK, a South Korean security design firm. Hamel identified IoT devices as the weakest link in cybersecurity. Hamel emphasized the fragmented […]

“Weekend Briefing” is a weekly newsletter sent to subscribers of The Readable every Friday. Our journalists select important news items from the previous week on topics ranging from privacy to policy development in cybersecurity, all to help you stay abreast of the latest breaking issues. And not only is this provided free of cost to […]

Approximately one-third of the United Nations member states announced on Thursday a joint statement emphasizing the seriousness of evolving cyber threats to international security. This marks the first affirmation of its kind in the history of the UN Security Council. On June 21, South Korea’s foreign ministry revealed that representatives from 63 U.N. member states […]

Sejong, South Korea―While the trustworthiness of artificial intelligence models is being rigorously tested by technology researchers, backdoor attacks on large language models (LLMs) present one of the most challenging security concerns for AI, according to an expert on Thursday. Key to generative AI, an LLM refers to a deep learning algorithm trained on extensive datasets. […]

Sejong, South Korea―Quantum satellites, representing the next generation of space systems, must adopt measures to counter innovative threats, according to a quantum cryptography expert who spoke on Wednesday. Ayesha Khalid, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies at Queen’s University Belfast, presented a security solution for satellites against quantum-based threats at the 2024 […]

Sejong, South Korea―Digital watermarking technology could be an effective tool for detecting disinformation, especially in an era where fabricators of misleading media are equipped with artificial intelligence technologies, suggested an expert on information hiding on Wednesday. David Megias, a professor in the Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia, and Telecommunications at the Open University of Catalonia, […]

Sejong, South Korea―A local cybersecurity event that emerged from humble origins three years ago in a South Korean city has grown into an international gathering, welcoming over 1,300 college students from around the world as participants. HackTheon Sejong is an annual conference hosted by Sejong City, located two hours’ drive from central Seoul and serving […]

On June 13th, Vietnamese President To Lam met with United States Ambassador Marc E. Knapper and proposed to enhance the national cooperation in anti-terrorism, transnational crime, and cybersecurity. Two days earlier, on June 11th, President To Lam met with Chinese Ambassador Xiong Bo. The President urged China to “respect each other’s legitimate rights” at sea. […]

Internet-connected devices are reshaping people’s lives, yet they remain among the most highly vulnerable of consumer products, emphasized a global expert on cybersecurity testing and certification on Tuesday, underscoring the critical need for protective measures to be enacted on all such devices worldwide. In an interview with The Readable, Jerome Hamel, the head of Cybersecurity […]

I remember the blood drives organized at our school. As students, many of us were excited to donate blood for the free sugary snacks we would receive afterward—and, of course, missing 3rd period history class. Back then, our biggest technological concerns were whether our flip phones had enough battery to last the day and if […]

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