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Cybersecurity News that Matters

Areum Hwang

Areum Hwang

I remember the blood drives organized at our school. As students, many of us were excited to donate blood for the free sugary snacks we would receive afterward—and, of course, missing 3rd period history class. Back then, our biggest technological concerns were whether our flip phones had enough battery to last the day and if […]

“Weekend Briefing” is a weekly newsletter sent to subscribers of The Readable every Friday. Our journalists select important news items from the previous week on topics ranging from privacy to policy development in cybersecurity, all to help you stay abreast of the latest breaking issues. And not only is this provided free of cost to […]

This summer, South Korea, Japan, and the United States have agreed to conduct a trilateral military exercise spanning aerial, naval, and cyber domains, marking the inception of a new multi-domain drill with the aim of showcasing their commitment to collective security and readiness in the face of evolving challenges. At the sidelines of Asia’s largest […]

On Saturday, the Australian Attorney General announced that the government would introduce new legislation to criminalize the creation and dissemination of deepfake pornography without the consent of those being depicted. Attorney General of Australia, Mark Dreyfus, announced via his social media account on X that the government plans to present legislation concerning the restriction of […]

On Tuesday, the South Korean government formed a comprehensive council to enhance the resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure amid escalating threats. In a press release, the Office of the President announced that a meeting was held with various government agencies, leading to the creation of a pan-government security council aimed at safeguarding the nation’s […]

South Korea’s online certification website inadvertently exposed the private information of over 1,200 individuals by issuing incorrect documents to users. On Sunday, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) reported that the GOV.KR website, which provides document issuance services to citizens, mistakenly issued 646 educational certificates on April 1. This error led to the […]

Updated May 10, 2024 1:12PM GMT+9 South Korea is enhancing its defense capabilities by participating in a US-led international cyber military exercise with the Five Eyes alliance. On Sunday, South Korea’s Cyber Operations Command announced that nine of its personnel will take part in the “Cyber Flag” exercise, scheduled to run from May 5 to […]

A North Korean hacking group allegedly disguised itself as a Chinese investor on a social media platform, employing this guise to lure victims into engaging with phishing attacks. According to the blockchain security firm SlowMist, the Lazarus group allegedly crafted a fraudulent account on LinkedIn named “Nevil Bolson.” Purporting to be an investor and entrepreneur, […]

The South Korean prosecutor’s office is currently investigating a former employee of a shipbuilding company who stands accused of leaking a submarine blueprint to Taiwan. It is alleged that this blueprint was subsequently utilized in the development of Taiwan’s first domestically produced submarine. During a press briefing on Monday, the National Office of Investigation of […]

South Korea’s Constitutional Court has upheld the government’s decision to collect personal information during the COVID-19 pandemic, ruling that it does not violate citizens’ privacy rights. On April 25, the Constitutional Court revealed that the judges unanimously rejected an appeal filed against the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act. The appeal argued that the law […]

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