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South Korea discusses sharing defensive technologies with US, UK, and Australia

Left to right: Penny Wong, Australia’s Foreign Minister, Richard Marles, Australia’s Defense Minister, Cho Tae-yul, South Korea’s Foreign Minister, and Shin Won-sik, South Korea’s Defense Minister, hold a press conference after the 6th meeting between South Korea and Australia’s defense and foreign ministers in Melbourne on May 1. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

by Kuksung Nam

May. 02, 2024
9:07 PM GMT+9

On Wednesday, South Korea and Australia discussed the possibility of South Korea engaging in a partnership with the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, in which the member nations would share advanced defensive technologies.

During a press conference held after the 6th meeting between South Korea and Australia’s defense and foreign ministers in Melbourne, Shin Won-sik, the Minister of National Defense, highlighted that the two countries discussed the possibility of South Korea partnering with AUKUS in the pillar 2 program. “We welcome that AUKUS members are considering South Korea as the AUKUS piller 2 partner. South Korea’s defense and science technology capabilities will contribute to the peace and stability of the AUKUS pillar 2’s development,” said the defense minister.

Second to the right, Cho Tae-yul delivers his speech during a press conference after the 6th meeting between South Korea and Australia’s defense and foreign ministers in Melbourne on May 1. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

AUKUS is a trilateral defense and security partnership established in 2021 between the U.S., U.K., and Australia to counter China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region. It consists of two stages. The first stage, known as pillar 1, involves supporting Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines. The second stage encompasses cooperation in developing advanced military technologies, including cyber and electronic warfare capabilities, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and innovation, along with information sharing.

The three countries are aiming to broaden their capability to cooperate militarily and have publicly identified Japan as a potential partner. In a joint statement released by the British government on April 8, the U.S., U.K., and Australia indicated that they are evaluating Japan’s potential to cooperate in “some elements of the pillar two program.” Additionally, the U.S. has mentioned South Korea as a potential candidate, along with Canada and New Zealand, according to local news outlets last month.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles echoed the statement of his South Korean counterpart, affirming that the two countries discussed South Korea’s potential participation during their discussions on April 30 and May 1. “South Korea is clearly a country with highly impressive technology and with which we share common values. (…) We are already closely engaged in technology-related matters,” stated the defense minister. “I believe there will be opportunities in the future.”

Meanwhile, the chief foreign officials of South Korea and Australia amplified their partnership in cyber and maritime security concerning North Korea’s cyber threats. “In the areas of cyber and maritime security, we have agreed to cooperate in preventing North Korea from accessing funds for its illicit nuclear and missile programs,” stated Cho Tae-yul, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong further emphasized that the two countries will collaborate in countering North Korea’s provocative and destabilizing activities.


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