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Cybersecurity News that Matters

Ransomware index report: March 2023

by The Readable

Apr. 06, 2023
10:17 AM GMT+9

The Readable’s subscribers can access a monthly ransomware report by S2W. The report includes specific numbers about ransomware groups and their victims in addition to the numbers of newly opened data leak sites by ransomware groups. By reviewing these numbers, our readers will be able to get an idea of the overall threat landscape of the ransomware ecosystem. Sojun Ryu for The Readable provides reports representing his team’s work regarding threat intelligence.


In March 2023:

  1. A total of 387 companies had their data uploaded onto leak sites by ransomware groups. This is the first time the number has surpassed 300, recording the largest amount in the past seven months.
  2. LockBit turned out to be the most active ransomware group, uploading 99 companies’ data onto their leak sites. CLOP ransomware group followed suit, uploading 98 companies’ data onto their leak sites.
  3. Companies in the United States were targeted the most by ransomware groups, making up 48.2% of the total.


Newly discovered or changed data leak sites in March 2023

※ “Change” means that the leak site has changed its domain address.

Ransomware groups and activities in March 2023: Percentage of each ransomware group in companies that were uploaded onto data leak sites

Top five countries by number of leak sites their data appeared on

Top five industries by number of leak sites their data appeared on

The next monthly ransomware index report will be published in early May.

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