Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

Editor’s Note: Kuksung Nam joined The Readable in May 2022 as a journalist, covering a wide range of cybersecurity topics over the past 26 months. As she embarks on a new career path and leaves the journalism industry, her dedication to the field will be remembered by our team and the readers who have benefited […]

Introduction It has been two years since The Readable was launched, and two months since its new site was redesigned. Specializing in cybersecurity journalism, The Readable is powered by a small, highly skilled team rather than a large workforce. Reducing operational costs and streamlining the process of creating and distributing content are ongoing challenges for […]

I remember the blood drives organized at our school. As students, many of us were excited to donate blood for the free sugary snacks we would receive afterward—and, of course, missing 3rd period history class. Back then, our biggest technological concerns were whether our flip phones had enough battery to last the day and if […]


By Grace Han, CEO of SSNC In today’s digital age, security threats are constantly evolving, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to keep their networks and data secure. One of the key components of network security is the firewall, which acts as a barrier between an organization’s internal network and the outside world. Firewall policies […]

Being in the spotlight can bring pain and distress to the protagonist. On Thursday, almost all media outlets in South Korea gathered at one place in Seoul to listen to Hwang Hyeon-sik, CEO at LG Uplus, the telecommunication conglomerate which has been brought to the center of attention regarding the recent breaches that took place […]

By Thomas Park, General Manager of Korea Operations at Foxit Software Updated Feb. 10, 2023 2:17PM GMT+9 Portable Document Format (PDF) security is critical in today’s digital age because PDF is widely used as a standard for sharing documents with external parties. Created by Adobe’s founder in 1993, PDF has become a dominant file format […]

It is not surprising for online banking service users in South Korea to encounter a website pop-up announcing the need to install all mandatory security applications if users want to get access to their banking account. This pop-up window redirects users to a download page with at least one or more security applications that are […]

By Inwook Hwang, Director of S2W In the field of cybersecurity, threats are typically understood as dangers that take advantage of the vulnerabilities in hardware and software. However, a new type of cybersecurity threat is emerging that involves exploiting internet platforms and e-commerce systems in order to steal profits from other users or the platform […]

By Keunjin Kim, CEO of Spiceware The recent Russia-Ukraine war began roughly an hour before the Russian invasion when a malware attacked Viasat, a private American satellite company used by Ukrainian forces, and attempted to disable Ukrainian military communications. The incident has shown that it is important to prepare for cyberattacks as well as for […]

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The acronym FUD is a familiar word in the cybersecurity industry. It often plays a role in marketing as a way of making potential customers feel terrified and urging them to adopt cybersecurity products in response to upcoming attacks. The purpose of FUD varies. It can be used to inflate brand […]

By Dain Oh, The Readable In February 2021, I was a journalist for a daily newspaper who was starved for a scoop and prowled the technology jungle, devouring tips that would lead me to write big stories. One normal day while talking to my source, it caught my complete attention when the source mentioned that […]

“The veracity of information is the absolute imperative in cybersecurity.” The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RSA said at the world’s largest cybersecurity conference, RSAC, on June 6. During the event, which was held in San Francisco from June 6 to 9, Rohit Ghai dedicated nearly one third of his twenty-four minute opening keynote to […]

Hello! I’m Dain Oh, The Readable’s founding editor-in-chief. When S2W first gave me the opportunity to establish a cybersecurity newspaper for a global audience, I was not completely sure what they wanted from me or what I needed to do to make the news site successful. A number of things are still in progress, but […]

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