Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

North Korea-linked hackers transferred $150,000 in cryptocurrency to a Cambodian payment company over an eight-month period to facilitate money laundering, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The hacking group known as Lazarus transferred cryptocurrency worth $150,000 (approximately 208 million won) to the Cambodian payment platform Huione Pay from an anonymous digital wallet. According to Reuters, Lazarus used […]

The National Institute for Unification Education (NIU), which falls under the Ministry of Unification and oversees unified education in both South and North Korea, released a publication titled ‘2024 Understanding North Korea’ on Monday. The NIU has been releasing this publication annually since 1974 and distribute it to educational institutions. However, this is the first […]

A cybersecurity expert has warned that North Korean cyberattack techniques have evolved significantly since a DDoS attack in 2009, posing an increasingly serious global threat. On Wednesday, Mun Chong-hyun, director of the Genians Security Center, discussed the evolution of the North Korean cyber threat at a seminar in Seoul, South Korea, which focused on North […]

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A North Korean state-sponsored hacking group compromised more than 1,400 individuals through an email phishing attack and then used the stolen credentials to steal digital assets, according to the South Korean police on Wednesday. On November 22, the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) disclosed the result of their ongoing investigation into a North Korean hacking […]

Security vulnerabilities discovered in a popular authentication software application have been exploited by North Korean hacking groups despite an unusual warning issued to South Korean users four months ago, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) said on Tuesday. In a joint operation intended to fortify Korea’s national security, the NIS has joined forces with antivirus software […]

South Korea, the United States, and Japan will launch a high-level cyber consultative group to jointly respond to global cyber threats, according to South Korea’s presidential office on Monday. The establishment of the trilateral body occurred following the Camp David agreement reached in August, a concord in which the three nations agreed to create a […]

The spokesperson of South Korea’s ruling party called for the government to form deeper ties with the international community to help address the threat of cyberattacks out of North Korea. Jung Kwang-jae, a representative of the People Power Party, expressed his concerns over recent escalation in illegal cyber activities originating from or facilitated by North […]

North Korean state-sponsored cyber groups, broadly referred to as the “Lazarus Group,” appear to have recently restructured themselves in an effort to accelerate internal cooperation, according to the cybersecurity firm Mandiant. Enhanced cooperation among the “Lazarus Group” has led to several advantages for the hacking collective, such as improved resource sharing and attributional complexity, warns […]

A North Korean state-sponsored hacking group allegedly took over a private email account belonging to one of the workers at South Korea’s electoral regulator and misused it to steal confidential information, according to South Korea’s intelligence agency on Tuesday. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) disclosed in a press briefing that in April of 2021 the […]

North Korean hackers have been targeting South Korean shipbuilding industry intensively with an aim to reinforce their maritime force, South Korean intelligence agency revealed on Wednesday. The National Intelligence Service did not confirm whether the hackers succeeded in stealing industrial secrets, but said they spotted multiple attempts over the last two months. “North Korean hackers […]

Washington D.C. ― mWISE ― While Pyongyang continues to finance its nuclear weapons development through cyber extortion tactics like ransomware attacks and cryptocurrency heists, security experts are sounding the alarm on a recent shift in North Korean hacking methods. The new approach doesn’t rely on technical prowess, but rather employs simple disguises to pose as […]

According to cybersecurity experts based in the United States, North Korean hackers have launched cyberattacks against Russia’s defense sector, successfully infiltrating the country’s aerospace institute earlier this year. In a report released on Thursday, Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center (MTAC) revealed that North Korean state-sponsored hackers successfully infiltrated a Russian aerospace research institute last March. The […]

South Korea stands as one of the countries most frequently targeted by cybercriminals, trailing only behind the United States and Ukraine, an expert at a U.S. cybersecurity company revealed on Tuesday. Luke McNamara, a principal analyst at Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm owned by Google, revealed during a press briefing at Google’s South Korean office that […]

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