Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

North Korea-linked hackers transferred $150,000 in cryptocurrency to a Cambodian payment company over an eight-month period to facilitate money laundering, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The hacking group known as Lazarus transferred cryptocurrency worth $150,000 (approximately 208 million won) to the Cambodian payment platform Huione Pay from an anonymous digital wallet. According to Reuters, Lazarus used […]

The National Institute for Unification Education (NIU), which falls under the Ministry of Unification and oversees unified education in both South and North Korea, released a publication titled ‘2024 Understanding North Korea’ on Monday. The NIU has been releasing this publication annually since 1974 and distribute it to educational institutions. However, this is the first […]

A cybersecurity expert has warned that North Korean cyberattack techniques have evolved significantly since a DDoS attack in 2009, posing an increasingly serious global threat. On Wednesday, Mun Chong-hyun, director of the Genians Security Center, discussed the evolution of the North Korean cyber threat at a seminar in Seoul, South Korea, which focused on North […]

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On Friday, senior government officials from South Korea, the United States, and Japan met in Washington D.C. to coordinate responses to ongoing cyber threats out of North Korea. The meeting was a follow up on agreements reached at Camp David during a summit held in August 2023. Senior officials represented the three countries, including Lee […]

By Dain Oh, The ReadableMar. 4, 2024 8:54PM GMT+9 South Korea’s semiconductor industry has become a significant target for North Korean hackers, with two companies recently falling victim to their attacks. It is believed that the hackers, who managed to steal computer chip blueprints and photographs of facilities, are seeking to secure knowledge that would […]

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Intelligence agencies from South Korea and Germany jointly issued a security advisory concerning cyber threats from North Korea, primarily regarding the theft of advanced defense technology. This marks the second occasion that the two countries have issued a joint cybersecurity statement against cyberattacks attributed to the Pyongyang regime. On February 19, the National Intelligence Service […]

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On Wednesday, Microsoft and OpenAI, companies partnered in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, disclosed that Kimsuky, a hacking group based in North Korea, has utilized OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) to aid in their hacking activities. The group leveraged OpenAI’s technologies to generate content for spear phishing campaigns, which aim to target specific […]

The Lazarus Group, widely recognized for its affiliations with the North Korean government, is reportedly shifting its focus towards a new cryptocurrency mixing service to launder its illicit proceeds. This development was highlighted by a United States-based blockchain analysis firm on Thursday. According to a report by Chainalysis, YoMix has become the preferred cryptocurrency mixer […]

A group of North Korean information technology professionals has reportedly sold thousands of illegal gambling websites to South Korean criminal organizations, funneling their profits back to the North Korean government. According to the South Korean intelligence agency, over a thousand North Korean IT professionals are suspected of generating illicit revenue from overseas, particularly in China, […]

North Korea has targeted South Korea with cyber-based disinformation attacks in the past in order to influence the nation’s elections, and this should raise serious concerns that the same will occur during next year’s parliamentary elections, according to a South Korean expert on Thursday. On December 7, Kim Eun-young, an associate professor at the Department […]

South Korean police are investigating a group of North Korea-affiliated hackers for their involvement in stealing approximately 250 files of data related to the nation’s defense technologies. On December 4, the Seoul Metropolitan Police stated in a press release that North Korean-affiliated cybercriminals carried out attacks against multiple South Korean companies, including those in the […]

The United States Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Wednesday on a virtual currency mixer, accusing it of assisting a North Korean hacking group to launder its illicit proceeds. On November 29, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) stated that the sanctioned mixer, named, was a “key money laundering tool” for the […]

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