[ChatGPT Assisted] Mandiant: Chinese cyber espionage actors evolve tactics to avoid detection

[ChatGPT Assisted] Mandiant: Chinese cyber espionage actors evolve tactics to avoid detection

By The Readable X ChatGPT
Jul. 24, 2023 8:43PM GMT+9

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The latest report by Mandiant discusses how Chinese cyber espionage actors have evolved their tactics to avoid detection and complicate attribution. They have been increasingly exploiting zero-days in security, networking, and virtualization software to gain initial access to victim networks without human interaction, reducing the chances of detection. Moreover, Chinese threat groups are using botnets and custom malware to relay and disguise attacker traffic both externally and internally within compromised networks, further enhancing their stealth capabilities.

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Below are subheadings of the report

◇ China Focuses on Networking, Security, and Virtualization Software
◇ UNC3886 Burned Two Zero-Days in Complex Ops against Hard Targets
◇ UNC4841 Exploitation of Barracuda ESG Began Stealthy, Turned Aggressive
◇ Additional Examples
◇ Chinese Actors Disguise External and Internal Traffic with Botnets and Tunnels
◇ Botnet-as-Smokescreen
◇ Your Router is My Router
◇ Conclusion

Link to the report: Stealth Mode: Chinese Cyber Espionage Actors Continue to Evolve Tactics to Avoid Detection

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