Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

“Weekend Briefing” is a weekly newsletter sent to subscribers of The Readable every Friday. Our journalists select important news items from the previous week on topics ranging from privacy to policy development in cybersecurity, all to help you stay abreast of the latest breaking issues. And not only is this provided free of cost to […]

A South Korean expert highlighted the country’s proactive engagement in the cyber domain, suggesting it could position South Korea as a pivotal player in the Indo-Pacific region. Jung Sung-chul, an associate professor at the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Myongji University, began his speech by discussing the role of nations in the Indo-Pacific […]

A year after the Camp David Statement, a national security expert highlighted the importance of South Korea and Japan enhancing their cybersecurity relationship, a state of affairs that could prove pivotal to the long-term success of the historic summit. On August 18, 2023, United States President Joe Biden, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, and Japanese […]


South Korean and U.S. government officials met in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to augment coordination against North Korean cyber threats. A day before the meeting, the U.S. government put sanctions on a virtual currency mixer, Tornado Cash, which is allegedly abused as a money laundering program by North Korean hackers. According to a press release […]

Magnus and NoCry ransomware gangs are working together through Telegram to develop ransomware. The two gangs recently emerged in the ransomware development industry, and they are targeting not only enterprises, but also individuals. ◇ Magnus Ransomware On June 15, Magnus ransomware group uploaded a sales promotion, claiming that its ransomware can bypass antivirus software such […]

Hello, this is Kuksung Nam and Dain Oh for The Readable. July is the month of cybersecurity in South Korea, and this year’s commemoration attracted unprecedented attention because the president of South Korea attended the event in person for the first time. Cybersecurity has become one of the most important issues in Korea, like in […]

This article was published in collaboration with Maeil Business Newspaper. Maeil Business Newspaper published its version of the article on the front page of its newspaper on July 13, 2022. “Busy.” It was the answer that we received from the LockBit ransomware group recently. The Readable contacted LockBit on June 21 for the first time […]

The South Korean military is planning to hold a virtual multinational cybersecurity training session this November. The participants are ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In addition, there are eight other countries taking part: Australia, India, Japan, New […]

Hello, it’s Dain Oh and Kuksung Nam for The Readable. Today, we published the RSA Conference Recap Report for our readers. You can download it here. Along with the report, we selected 10 takeaways from the conference for this weekend. Enjoy our report and have a great weekend! 1. Avril Haines (Director of National Intelligence, […]

We picked six stories for you this week. For next week, we will be back with an RSAC 2022 Recap Report. Have a great weekend! 1. Korea Builds Secure Message System with Europol South Korean police are one step closer to exchanging operational information securely with their European counterpart. The Korean National Police Agency announced […]

We have recently published several in-depth news articles on threat intelligence and the 2022 RSA conference. Below is the news recap, but before we begin, there is one piece of news that you might be interested in. 1. [News] South Korea’s Spy Agency Speaks Out Against Former Director’s Claim of Keeping Public Figures’ Information South […]

San Francisco ― We picked four news for you. Have a great weekend! 1. Smart Home Hacks Under Scrutiny as South Korean Authorities Dive In South Korean Authorities are launching an investigation into smart home hacks. The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on Wednesday that they started a joint investigation with the Ministry of […]

RSA Conference 2022 ― San Francisco ― “Imagine that someone was to break into your house and stay for nine months. It is unthinkable in the real world, but in cyber this is the problem that we are up against,” said Tom Gillis during the opening keynotes at the RSA conference Monday. The senior vice […]

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