Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

Hongcheon, Gangwon―Released in 1966, the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly depicts an uneasy alliance and struggle among three men on a quest for hidden treasure. Echoing the film’s themes, a group of experts in artificial intelligence security recently held a workshop titled “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of AI Security.” […]

A popular South Korean YouTube entertainment channel with over 8 million subscribers, along with the company’s streaming content platform, was hacked on Saturday. The channel’s name and profile picture were replaced with those of a cryptocurrency company, and all previously hosted content was removed and replaced. Total Variety Network (tvN), a pay television channel that […]

The United States telecommunications giant AT&T, which serves over 114.5 million wireless subscribers, recently experienced a major data breach. Information on 109 million users was illegally downloaded and exposed on a third-party platform. On July 13, AT&T disclosed on its website that nearly all of its customers’ data had been exposed. According to the company, […]


We picked six stories for you this week. For next week, we will be back with an RSAC 2022 Recap Report. Have a great weekend! 1. Korea Builds Secure Message System with Europol South Korean police are one step closer to exchanging operational information securely with their European counterpart. The Korean National Police Agency announced […]

We have recently published several in-depth news articles on threat intelligence and the 2022 RSA conference. Below is the news recap, but before we begin, there is one piece of news that you might be interested in. 1. [News] South Korea’s Spy Agency Speaks Out Against Former Director’s Claim of Keeping Public Figures’ Information South […]

The operator of Raccoon Stealer, who was out of action since the Russia-Ukraine War began, has recently been confirmed to have returned with an upgraded V2 version. The current V2 version is disguised as a cracked software installation file that was often used in the past V1 distribution. Source: S2W On March 25, 2022, the […]

RSA Conference 2022 ― San Francisco ― “Imagine that someone was to break into your house and stay for nine months. It is unthinkable in the real world, but in cyber this is the problem that we are up against,” said Tom Gillis during the opening keynotes at the RSA conference Monday. The senior vice […]

A user impersonating the operator of RaidForums, which was shut down in February of this year, has recently appeared with a scam campaign. About RaidForums RaidForums started in 2015 and ended in February of this year after seven years of operation. This forum was one of the largest forums where cybercriminals traded illegal data. Unlike […]

By Dain Oh, The Readable RSA Conference 2022 ― San Francisco ― While business email compromise (BEC) attacks are relatively less well known than ransomware attacks, they will soon dominate the threat landscape, an expert of threat intelligence (TI) said Monday. “It has a much higher return on investment, or ROI, than other types of […]

Hello! We are reporting from San Francisco and Silicon Valley for this week. While staying here for RSA conference 2022, we are delighted to deliver you five news, which were carefully selected by us. We will be back with RSA conference news in the coming week. Have a beautiful weekend! 1. South Korean Authorities Cooperate […]

We picked five stories for you. Have a great weekend! 1. Reporters Won a Victory Over Mandatory App Download Yoon Suk-yeol, the newly elected president of South Korea, ordered his presidential office not to coerce reporters into downloading a security application last Tuesday. It was a victory for reporters who argued that the app could […]

Cyber security company S2W recently published a report that explains the history of BlackGuard, a new info-stealer malware. This report is an extension of the report posted in April. The BlackGuard operator, who is active on the dark web under the nicknames “BlackGUARD07” and “blackteam007,” made the first promotion post in March 2021, but it […]

Tackling smart home hacks has emerged as one of the key promises made in local elections in South Korea. Bae Kook-hwan, the Democratic Party’s candidate for the Seongnam mayoral election, promised to protect personal data from smart home hacks. In a statement released to the press last Tuesday, Bae stressed that he would put an […]

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