Samsung highlights its efforts to protect privacy in Galaxy devices

Samsung highlights its efforts to protect privacy in Galaxy devices
Sebastian Seung, the head of Samsung Research, is delivering a welcoming speech at the sixth Samsung Security Forum which was held online on Tuesday. Photo by Samsung Newsroom

By Kuksung Nam, The Readable
Aug. 24, 2022 7:12PM KST

Samsung held its annual Samsung Security Tech Forum online on Tuesday and emphasized its efforts to protect the personal information of users world-wide from cyber threats, taking part in the global trend of tech companies strengthening privacy features on their devices and services.

Sebastian Seung, the head of Samsung Research, kicked off the sixth annual forum by stressing that the company’s policies, products, and research reflect its deep concern for privacy. “We strive for state-of-the-art security across all our devices and across all layers, hardware to software to online services,” said the head of Samsung Research.

This focus echoed throughout the opening keynote speech and an hour and ten minute session about the recent research at the company, which was addressed by the Security and Privacy team at Samsung Research and the Mobile Experience division at Samsung Electronics.

“We believe that privacy cannot be guaranteed without strong security,” said Hwang Yong-ho, the vice president of Samsung Electronics and the head of the Security and Privacy team at Samsung Research, in the opening keynote speech. “Samsung ensures protection of its products and services based on a strong security technology called ‘Knox’.”

Knox is a defense-grade security platform that is built into all Galaxy devices, protecting confidential and sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Based on its strong security technology, Samsung said that they are conducting research that intends to provide a convenient authentication process to users. The vice president stated that the company is working on several authentication methods, including technologies that enable a device to be automatically authenticated in an area which is classified as trusted.

In addition, Samsung is planning to create a new page on their official website called “Security & Privacy” to share their latest research with users.

The South Korean tech giant is also working on research related to confidential computing technologies. “Confidential computing technologies, which provide a safe execution environment even if the OS platform is compromised, are typically based on cloud,” Hwang said. “Samsung Research is currently conducting advanced research to provide the same level of security on devices.”

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