Cybersecurity News that Matters

Cybersecurity News that Matters

North Korea-linked hackers transferred $150,000 in cryptocurrency to a Cambodian payment company over an eight-month period to facilitate money laundering, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The hacking group known as Lazarus transferred cryptocurrency worth $150,000 (approximately 208 million won) to the Cambodian payment platform Huione Pay from an anonymous digital wallet. According to Reuters, Lazarus used […]

The National Institute for Unification Education (NIU), which falls under the Ministry of Unification and oversees unified education in both South and North Korea, released a publication titled ‘2024 Understanding North Korea’ on Monday. The NIU has been releasing this publication annually since 1974 and distribute it to educational institutions. However, this is the first […]

A cybersecurity expert has warned that North Korean cyberattack techniques have evolved significantly since a DDoS attack in 2009, posing an increasingly serious global threat. On Wednesday, Mun Chong-hyun, director of the Genians Security Center, discussed the evolution of the North Korean cyber threat at a seminar in Seoul, South Korea, which focused on North […]

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By Kuksung Nam, The ReadableDec. 2, 2022 10:23PM KST A hacking group, who authorities say worked on the behalf of the North Korean government, used an unreported backdoor to attack a South Korean news organization focused on North Korea in 2021, a private cybersecurity firm reported. According to a report released Wednesday by ESET, this […]

The South Korean military is seeking a more aggressive use of its cyber defense capabilities against North Korea’s nuclear threats. “From now on, the South Korean military will expand its investments for implementing a soft kill [strategy] that could non-physically neutralize North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats,” Shin Beom-chul, South Korea’s vice defense minister, said […]

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Shortly after the United States wrapped up an annual cyber exercise, called “Cyber Flag 23-1,” North Korea published a statement denouncing the U.S. defense efforts in cyberspace. In a post, which was uploaded on a website by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in North Korea on Wednesday, Kim Kuk-myong, a member of Association for Countermeasures […]

North Korea on Wednesday lashed out at the United States, accusing it of spreading false information about North Korea being a cyber threat to national security. Kim Kuk-myong, a member of the Association for Countermeasures against International Cybercrimes, said in an article posted on the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s official website that the U.S. is […]

Hello, this is Kuksung Nam in South Korea. The Readable has picked five news stories for you. They include one news article by Dain Oh, who is covering the Kaspersky’s annual APAC cybersecurity weekend conference in Phuket, Thailand. With our stories, enjoy your cybersecurity weekend! 1. SK shieldus warns Korean companies about ransomware attacks South […]

Kaspersky APAC Cybersecurity Weekend Conference 2022 ― Phuket ― A Korean-speaking advanced persistent threat group, Kimsuky, has built its capabilities of carrying out cyber-attacks against almost any target that it considers, a cybersecurity researcher warned Thursday. “It takes multi-stages to carry out an APT attack, which involves spear phishing emails and Microsoft Word documents in […]

South Korean and U.S. government officials met in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to augment coordination against North Korean cyber threats. A day before the meeting, the U.S. government put sanctions on a virtual currency mixer, Tornado Cash, which is allegedly abused as a money laundering program by North Korean hackers. According to a press release […]

We picked five stories for you. Have a great weekend! 1. South Korea and U.S. Agreed to Strengthen Cyber Deterrence Against North Korea South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol and his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden held a summit meeting in Seoul last Saturday. In the joint statement after their first diplomatic engagement, the two leaders agreed […]

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