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Cybersecurity News that Matters

Minkyung Shin

Minkyung Shin serves as a reporting intern for The Readable, where she has channeled her passion for cybersecurity news. Her journey began at Dankook University in Korea, where she pursued studies in Journalism and Software Convergence Contents. During her university studies, Shin led a team project that developed an Augmented Reality (AR) Face Tracking Service application and authored a paper titled ‘AR Face Tracking Based on Service Content’. In 2023, she expanded her experiences by interning at the Toronto-based non-profit organization, TCM, planning support programs for underprivileged children in the city. Through her diverse experiences, Shin has cultivated a broad perspective on cybersecurity. She is committed to delivering accurate and insightful cybersecurity news to readers worldwide.

Minkyung Shin

Sejong, South Korea―Quantum satellites, representing the next generation of space systems, must adopt measures to counter innovative threats, according to a quantum cryptography expert who spoke on Wednesday. Ayesha Khalid, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies at Queen’s University Belfast, presented a security solution for satellites against quantum-based threats at the 2024 […]

An employee at a suborganization of a South Korean municipal office accidentally sent one citizen’s personal information to all city officials. The incident occurred on Tuesday at a local community service center in Incheon. According to a spokesperson from the Incheon Seo-gu Office who spoke to The Readable, a citizen applied for a community service […]

On February 19, an individual arrived in the South Korean city of Incheon with a large sum of cash, hoping to purchase Tether, a digital currency, at a discounted rate. After a brief introduction, the bag of money was taken into a van where several people were waiting to exchange their cryptocurrencies for cash. The […]

South Korean police say they have uncovered a cryptocurrency fraud scheme where stolen victim data, acquired through the messaging app Telegram, was used to target unsuspecting individuals. The Incheon Jungbu Police have arrested seven members of a cryptocurrency scam ring, according to Senior Inspector Choi Jae-hwang of the station’s Intelligent Crime Investigation unit. The group […]

On Saturday, the Australian Attorney General announced that the government would introduce new legislation to criminalize the creation and dissemination of deepfake pornography without the consent of those being depicted. Attorney General of Australia, Mark Dreyfus, announced via his social media account on X that the government plans to present legislation concerning the restriction of […]

The United States Department of the Treasury revealed that hackers affiliated with the North Korean government stole $720 million worth of virtual assets, funds allegedly diverted to fuel the development of illegal weapons. On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury released a groundbreaking report titled ‘Illicit Finance Risk Assessment of Non-Fungible Tokens.’ In this inaugural report, the […]

Kakao, South Korea’s leading mobile messaging firm, faced a record $11.1 million (15.1 billion won) fine from the country’s privacy regulator for mishandling the personal data of more than 65,000 users. In a press briefing held on May 23, the Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) announced that Kakao had been fined $11.1 million for violating […]

Seoul — The ACM WiSec Conference — On Tuesday, three research groups presented on the topic of cyberattacks at the ACM WiSec conference in Seoul. The researchers highlighted how attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in data protection and authentication to launch such attacks. They emphasized the critical need to safeguard devices and networks from emerging methods […]

Seoul, the capital of South Korea and home to nearly half of the nation’s population, is a prime target for cybercriminals due to its numerous government organizations and critical infrastructure. However, despite its vulnerability, the city is leveraging the threats leveled against it to its advantage by employing artificial intelligence, a technology that continuously improves […]

Updated May 10, 2024 1:14PM GMT+9 On Wednesday, a space security expert issued a warning that space systems including launch facilities could become prime targets for attackers seeking to conduct malicious activities against their systems. Um Jung-sik, a professor in the Department of Military Strategy Studies at the Republic of Korea Air Force Academy, discussed […]

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